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A Well Deserved Trip to Spain

At work, my boss has a contest that would reward the hardest worker with a trip of their choice. I was in need of a good vacation, so I did my best to put in as much work as possible. The hours were long and agonizing, but it all paid off, because I was able to win the contest. I put a lot of thought into where I wanted to go for my trip. First I thought about going to a country in Asia, but then I remembered the ads that I saw about the walking holidays in Spain, and chose that. My boss had been to Spain in the past, and told me that I would have a great time.

Some of my coworkers were a little mad that they didn’t win the trip, but that’s just the way it was. (more…)

Modern CCTV Kits for Home Use

I have always been an electronics hobbyist. I don’t push it on other people, but sometimes there will be someone that comes along that shows an interest. I have always been interested in imaging sensors, and I was very pleased when CCTV kits became affordable. I remember the early surveillance cameras that were big and very bulky that recorded grainy black and white footage. Sometimes we still see still images on the news of a suspect wanted for robbery or burglary that is of such poor resolution that no one could make a positive ID.

Nowadays you can get CCTV kits for home use that are affordable and give such a clear picture that you could identify someone trying to conceal his or her identity. (more…)

My Cousin Got Me Interested in Clay Pigeon Shooting

I am always on the lookout for something fun to do. I like the typical things like shopping and hanging out with friends, but I am also the type of person who likes fun things like bungee jumping and roller coasters. When my cousin told me he had taken clay shooting lessons not that long ago, he immediately thought of me because he knew I would enjoy it too. He gave me all the details, and I went to the website for Lady’s Wood to find out even more. The more I read on the website, the more I knew I wanted to take my own shooting lessons there.

I had never been clay pigeon shooting before. (more…)

Remember Such a Thing As Job Stability?

Go to school and make us proud. That was what my parents said to me when they worked and worked to make a higher quality advanced education possible for me. I went to a nice university, then I took a specialty education that concentrated on my area of study to advance to master’s level. I’m almost there with that, but I needed a good job now. I kept looking for recruitment companies bristol and had a hard time finding something that would pay all of my obligations and allow me a little time to keep pursuing my next degree.

You know, I think employers are less inclined to invest in employees now that people jump ship about once every two years. I am old school and would really like a job with a stable company that would be around years later. However, that is not the case any longer either. Companies come and go. My parents had jobs they retired at that they also started at during their apprentice years. (more…)