Monthly Archives: April 2018

Phishing page created on google competitor’s website

NTRO is claiming that it is putting the google competitor under surveillance for national security reasons since 2010, however the real reason is that the ntro employees want to steal passwords, so that they can hack the account of the google competitor and frame her.
In April 2018, the ntro employees or their associates created a phishing page on the google competitors website to defame her and uploaded their software. It is not possible to monitor the changes in the websites , especially if a subdomain is created
Only when a cybersecurity firm sent a message, the google competitor realized the problem and was forced to change the name server of the domain on which the phishing page was installed

Remote posting for WordPress not working

In another indication of the widespread hacking of the laptop, remote posting for a wordpress blog is not working properly. While uploading the post, it is giving an error, however when the blog is checked, typing the url in the browser, the post has been published.
This has led to a duplicate post on the blog, and removing the duplicate post using the software is also becoming difficult
A lot of time is wasted due to repeated hacking of NTRO