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Preventing a Company from Going Under

Last year was a dark year for the company where I work. Many of the employees, including myself, were all afraid that we would lose our jobs in a series of mass layoffs. The head of the company ensured that no one would lose their jobs, and that he would rather take a cut in pay before having one of his employees leave. He gave my department the task of using business intelligence to turn the company around. We came up with the plan to use a data consultant company to turn the fortunes of the company around. It was probably the only chance we had to fix the company before it went belly up.

The owner of the company was willing to go along with the plan to save it. He viewed the company and the employees as if they were his own children, and wanted to do anything to keep them alive. (more…) remains blocked in India only remains blocked in India for exposing NTRO’s BANKING, ONLINE FRAUD, MEMORY, TRADE SECRET ROBBERY. NTRO is pirating the memory and trade secrets of the business owner, domain investor and criminally defaming the business owner.

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