Monthly Archives: January 2018

Many webhosting companies are closing down due to google fraud

Google is so ruthless in destroying competitor that many link sellers are going out of business and the webhosting companies are also affected.
When it is much easier to make money with bitcoin, mining, why waste time and money in link selling
Few people are developing websites because they like writing and sharing information, most are interested in making quick money
As google is destroying link sellers, hacking their website, many are exiting the loss making business and diverting into better options
So the vendors for the link selling business like webhosting and domain registrars are closing down as google’s profit increases
One webhosting company was in business for 6 years, in 2018, they shut down because google hacked their website many times

Google, tata sponsored Brahmin cheater R&AW employee nayanshree hathwar’s associates hacked google competitors webhosting

While the shameless Google, tata sponsored Brahmin cheater R&AW employee nayanshree hathwar’s associates are quick to take credit for any work done by the google competitor, they are extremely ruthless in causing losses to the google competitor whose resume, investment and paypal account the shameless brahmin fraud nayanshree hathwar falsely claims to have
They intentionally asked their indonesian associates to hack the webhosting of the google competitor so that she would get error messages from the ad networks and also suffer losses, waste her time and money, trying to restore the hacked websites
The indonesian link sellers are controlling the online link sales business, nayanshree hathwar’s associates are providing content . They asked the webhosting company to intentionally give extremely vague replies and not fix the webhosting problem
The only advantage is that the google competitor has realized that the webhosting company is not very reliable , and cannot be trusted