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NTRO involved in webhosting fraud on google competitor

The webhosting provider is supposed to ensure uptime of his webhosting as they are paid for the webhosting, yet ntro is involved in one of the greatest webhosting frauds in India, falsely claiming that they are doing the google competitor a great favor allowing her to host her websites
The indian internet sector continues to be the worst in exploiting hardworking single woman domain investors as the fraud ntro employees continue to falsely claim that they are doing the domain investor, a great favor, and the goan R&AW employees call girls sunaina chodan, siddhi mandrekar, supplied to them by google, tata for sex, are managing websites of the google competitor, when these lazy greedy goan call girls have never managed any website and are also not interested in doing so in future.
These women are not spending any time, and are unlikely to do so, so why is ntro falsely giving them credit
In a google,tata masterminded online fraud since 2010, the google competitor is put under surveillance giving flimsy excuses, defaming her without any legally valid proof, and then the ntro employees, falsely claim to help her, abuse their powers to falsely associate their call girl, bribe giving and other fraud girlfriends with the gooogle competitor to deny her the income and opportunities she deserved, defaming her and causing losses