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It’s Like I’m Not There

I own a business that gets a lot of customers, and I wanted to take a vacation, so I had one of my employees take over for a while. I still wanted to keep an eye on the business to see if everything was running smoothly, so I had a Hikvision IP CCTV installed. Some people would say that someone can’t really have a vacation if they’re still worried about what is going on at their place of business, but I feel more comfortable knowing that everything is going well at the place that I’ve worked so hard to build and maintain for years.

While I was at the airport and on the plane, I couldn’t help but look at the footage from the CCTV. The person who was sitting next to me thought I was watching some kind of hidden camera television show. Nothing was really happening in the footage that was out of the ordinary. All of the employees were behaving as if I had never left. I consider this a bit of a test, because if I am sure that things will go well while I’m not there, then I’ll have no problem taking more vacations or doing other things while the regular staff handles everything.

With my mind at ease, I watched the CCTV footage less and less as time went on in my vacation. I was able to enjoy myself more because I wasn’t thinking about it too much. When I got back from my vacation, everything looked the same. I think I might start another branch for the business and let my staff continue to manage the old one. I’m sure they’ll have no problems. I’ll need to find some people to help me run the new branch as good as the staff at the old one.

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