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Free webhosting companies not offering customer service

On the other hand, free webhosting companies are not receiving any payment, so they are not under any kind of obligation to provide customer service. These companies may also be easily misguided by the cunning dishonest powerful google, tata, ntro, cbi officials who will shamelessly abuse their powers to misguide internet companies to destroy the finances, reputation and life of a harmless google competitor.

The google, tata masterminded online fraud allegedly began in 2010, and after 7 years the google, tata sponsored fraud indian intelligence agency employees are only interested in having recreational sex, enjoying themselves and looking after their home, family, yet ntro, cbi employees continue with their slander campaign.So for link sellers, free webhosting is not recommended because of the google masterminded identity theft frauds, others may opt for the options listed earlier in the website .

ntro blocks mailboxpark for domain investor after stealing her resume

Banks are facing losses because government agencies like ntro are openly involved in banking fraud on harmless hardworking citizens. For example ntro is falsely claiming that their sugar baby lazy greedy raw/cbi employees who do not spend any money on domains, own the domains of a private citizen, in one of the greatest online financial frauds in the world.
This is causing problems for the real domain investor, since many websites like mailbox park believe in the LIES OF THE SECTION 420 FRAUD NTRO employees, and cause problems for the domain investor