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Hathwar, kodancha introduce redirect/malware for BSNL connection in panaji, goa

NTRO is too busy with their sex, bribery racket, identity theft, banking fraud on a single woman domain investor, google competitor, whose resume they have stolen to get their relatives and girlfriends like nayanshree hathwar, sunaina, raw/cbi jobs with the stolen identity, to solve the problems faced by bsnl users and keep the connection secure.

For the last few weeks, in panaji, goa, webpages are redirecting to and then to other pages, indicating that the BSNL connection is hacked
Running a virus scan on the micromax laptop is not helping, and this problem is faced for multiple browsers like Firefox, Microsoft edge

It may be introduced by the powerful shivalli brahmins who are falsely claiming that their lazy greedy mediocre inexperienced relative nayanshree hathwar, who is not spending any time online, is doing all the work, so that she gets a monthly R&AW salary without doing any work at all, at the expense of the google competitor, domain investor who is working like a slave since 2010.