Another website down for exposing ntro online sex racket

It appears that ntro employees are ruthless in covering up their sex racket, as they falsely claim that sex workers own the domain names of a private citizen, google competitor
On 9 december 2017, immediately after the sex racket was exposed, the webhosting at dallas was hacked as ntro employees are finding it difficult to tolerate the news of their extra marital affair with google, tata supplied goan sex worker R&AW employees sunaina, siddhi

Google competitor pays webhosting bills, lazy fraud girlfriends of powerful officials get credit and monthly indian government salary

In a major financial fraud of google, tata, NTRO since 2010, perfected by powerful fraud ntro employees puneet, parmar, j srinivasan, a harmless Google competitor pays all webhosting bills,expenses, while lazy fraud girlfriends of powerful officials like siddhi mandrekar, riddhi nayak, sunaina chodan, get credit and monthly indian government salary without spending any money and without doing any work,
The fraud was started by the shameless section 420 fraud ntro employee parmar when he duped Hostgator that the lazy greedy goan gsb fraud diploma holder siddhi mandrekar who committed corporate espionage on the google competitor had been paying the hostgator bills since 2006. In reality the google, tata sponsored goan gsb fraud diploma holder sex worker siddhi mandrekar had never paid for any webhosting in her life, yet because she offers sex services to powerful ntro employees, these fraud ntro employees abused their powers and duped countries worldwide, denying the google competitor the opportunities and income she deserved.
Similarly the fraud ntro employee j srinivasan was also duping people, webhosting that his lazy greedy inexperienced goan obc bhandari sex worker girlfriend sunaina , who he got a R&AW job with fake resume, fake investment, was working online and doing work online, when sunaina was least interested in online work and has never paid for any webhosting in her life, sunaina is only interested in having sex with powerful men, yet ntro continues to make fake claims and defame the google competitor.
In a third case, fraud ntro employees falsely claimed their relative shivalli brahmin cheater nayanshree a lazy fraud had paid for hosting of the google competitor, to disable the webhosting without any notice

Servers hacked for exposing google, tata, indian government favorite panaji prostitute R&AW employee sunaina chodan

Web hosting Servers hacked for exposing google, tata, indian government favorite panaji prostitute R&AW employee sunaina chodan 2013 bsc india’s most pampered goan sex worker .

R&AW has hired sunaina only for sex with indian government employees yet in a typical example of indian hypocrisy, double standard and dishonesty google, tata, NTRO, R&AW, CBI are duping people, companies and countries worldwide that their favorite sex worker who does not know anything about the internet , has the impressive resume, investment of a google competitor with a better 1989 jee rank than google ceo sundar pichai and is domain investor owning the websites where her sex news is regularly posted

When the real domain investor, cheated and exploited by sunaina’s lovers, sugar daddies is protesting , the powerful lovers, sugar daddies are attacking all the websites, services

Male tourists use websites to enjoy erotic nights in Goa

Since a large number of call girls, especially high end call girls are using websites to contact their client, those managing their websites have to take great care to ensure that the websites are always available. In some countries like india, there are many restrictions on hosting call girl and related websites due to local law enforcement agencies, politicians, so the IT specialist managing the call girl websites usually are looking for hosting in countries which are more liberal like netherlands where call girls are allegedly legal.

After checking call girl websites, men of all ages, flock to goa to enjoy themselves as top officials in the government, intelligence and security agencies have a very liberal outlook towards sex tourism , and young women providing sex services to government employees allegedly hold senior intelligence positions in Goa with fake resumes, have great powers . In most places in India, the local community will take action against those providing sex services, however tourists visiting goa can enjoy Erotic Nights in the company of call girls in goa without facing any kind of harassment or censure.

Directly promoting a website online

Google is repeatedly indexing and deindexing websites, especially those of a competitor, so small business owners should find more reliable and cheaper methods to get visitors to their website, which can be converted into leads and orders. They should also be familiar with domains and webhosting. Get more details of website promotion, using websites for business, at Using Domains, Webhosting for tips and information

Along with link sellers, webhosting companies are also shutting down

Since the indian government is wasting a huge amount of indian tax payer money to increase the profit of google making link sellers in India slaves of google, many link sellers are not interested in investing money online, as they can make more money elsewhere with the same time and effort, Even working as a waiter in a restaurant can be more profitable compared to running a webhosting business or online link selling business.
As a result,in 2017, the webhosting companies are also finding it extremely difficult to get customers, and many of the webhosting companies are closing down
Link sellers who make very less money, can only afford cheap webhosting.
In July 2017, one webhosting company shut down without informing the customers, causing problems for customers
In August 2017, another webhosting company has sent a notice to their customers that they will close business by 15 August 2017

The losses of link sellers, webhosting companies are directly related to google, tata’s extremely flawed policy of falsely claiming that sex workers, cheater housewives and other frauds are online experts, investing money online to get these frauds top indian government jobs, when actually these frauds are not spending any money online at all and are also not doing any work online.

Simultaneous attack on multiple webhosting accounts for exposing google, tata sex racket, identity theft fraud

Instead of being honest that the human cloning experiment , identity theft fraud failed because of the poor judgement of top officials who overestimated cheater housewives, sex workers and frauds , these top officials are trying to cover up their mistake hacking multiple websites, webhosting accounts, as they did in july 2016.
However in 2017, there are very few advertisers , no sponsored posts on most of these websites, so the damage is limited
Why are officials wasting their time and resources to cause so much damage yearly in a identity theft fraud which started in 2010 and caused the wastage of a huge amount of indian tax payer money .

when google, tata sponsored sex worker, fraud R&AW/CBI employees do not have a website, how can they expect other smes to have a website

In interviews to goan newspapers the google director shalini girish said that only 8000 businesses in goa have a website though there are about 100000 businesses in goa. In india google is doing a very poor job in identifying the real small business owners ,allegedly falsely claiming that google, tata sponsored goan sex workers, cheater housewives and other well connected fraud R&AW/CBI/indian intelligence employees who have never made any money online, own the online business of a google competitor to get all these intelligence employees a monthly government salary.

When google falsely claims sex workers, frauds own online businesses to get their R&AW/CBI jobs,though financial records will prove that the sex workers, frauds are not connected to the business in any way at all,how it can expect other smes to trust google. For example google, tata are falsely claiming that indore fraud housewife veena, bengaluru fraud housewife nayanshree hathwar, goan gsb fraud housewife riddhi nayak,gujju fraud asmita patel, naina, goan sex workers slim obc bhandari fraud sunaina chodan, gsb fraud siddhi and other cheaters who do not spend any time and money online, own the online business of the google competitor to get them a monthly indian government salary.

For example in panaji, goa google, tata, ntro and indian government are falsely claiming that google, tata sponsored goan sex workers sunaina, siddhi , cheater housewives riddhi nayak, naina, nayanshree hathwar, veena , asmita patel and other frauds like ruchika working in R&AW/CBI/indian intelligence agencies who cheat,defame smes, own the online business of a google competitor when these google, tata sponsored fraud R&AW/CBI/indian intelligence employees are not owning any business according to their financial records

When the google, tata sponsored frauds like indore R&AW employees housewife veena are only looking after their house and family, have no paypal account of their own, on what basis are ntro, cbi, google, tata employees making completely fake claims that these cheater women own the online business of a small business owner to waste indian tax payer money paying all these frauds a monthly indian government salary. Just because corrupt fraud security, ntro, cbi employees FREELANCING for google, tata are making fake allegations without any proof, against small business owners, it does not mean that they decide who owns the online business

When google, tata refuse to acknowledge the legal owners of an online business, viciously defaming, cheating, exploiting and torturing the small business owner since 2010, how does google persuade offline business owners to go online

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Section 420 fraud member chatbox involved in identity theft fraud

One of the most dangerous online frauds is the member chatbox who is allegedly involved in stealing the retirement savings of harmless indian domain investors without a court order or legally valid reason as part of the google, tata masterminded identity theft fraud on a google competitor, so that these fraud companies can acquire talent and technology cheaply, and google can destroy competition
When the google competitor who had a better 1989 JEE rank than google ceo sundar pichai complained about the theft of her retirement savings on the crooked member chatbox tried to defend the fraud of stealing the savings of a private citizen, and also managed to get the webhostingtalk account of the google competitor suspended
Anyone who can help find out the real name, address, designation of the webhostingtalk member chatbox can please send an email to