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Dog Crate Options in the Market There are hundreds of dog crates available in the market. Remember that the dog crate will be the home for your dog as you try to pick one. Be patient in choosing the right dog crate that can address the needs of your dog. It needs almost as much time as you need when looking for your own house to purchase. The size of the dog crate is influenced by the size of your dog. New crates are equipped with dividers to help adjust the right size of the crate depending on the current size of your growing puppy. The minimum requirement is for the dog to stand and turn its body around conveniently. You have a lot of options from these types of dog crates. First are the durable sold plastic dog crates with ventilation at the top. There should be sufficient air flow during travels. Sturdy crates protect them in case of accidents. It has a squeeze latch door that provides better security. Cleaning plastic crates are easy. Plastic crates also have some weaknesses. Some of them take a lot of space since they cannot be taken apart. The top opening of the crate limits the vision of the dog.
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There are aluminum and wire dog crates which can be considered similar. For the aluminum crates, there are folding and fixed models. These are light crates. Durability is not an issue as well as rust. Wire crates are heavier and often folded models. The airflow as well as the vision is optimum with these crates. They are used in all purposes including breeding, veterinary and permanent house. You can also use different covers and pads with these crates. With maximum visibility, these crates are the primary option for dog shows and pet shops.
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Another type of crate is called soft dog crate which weigh very little and can be folded. It secures the dog while still allowing wider vision and excellent airflow. This crate is not recommended for pets that usually chew or dig around. Transporting dogs in a vehicle should not use this type of crate. Soft crates work similar to dog tents. It is a lot easier to carry dog tents around rather than the traditional soft crates due to its space needed while not in used as well as its weight. With very little space needed, even the smallest vehicle can conveniently transport this crate and easy to carry during hiking or camping. Do not use soft crates or dog tents for puppies. Before you pick one for your dog, see to it that it is the perfect dog crate to use. Take note of the advantages and disadvantages of each type of dog crates.