Just Got Back from Edie’s Wedding

This was a really sedate affair, but of course she surely remembered how sister’s wedding really got out of hand. When Ginny got married they had an open bar and of course there was a certain number of people who drank too much and misbehaved. In fact her uncle got into this really comical fight with a member of the groom’s family. Neither of them was sober enough to land anything. At any rate this event seems to have been a real reaction to that, there was a wedding magician in London for entertainment. I suppose that he was successful as the goal was to have no news made in the process. He did his show and people politely applauded. Of course there was no mosh pit, which was a lot more entertaining. That was the best part of Ginny’s wedding, but of course after you have seen it once at a wedding there is not a need to see it again.

At any rate the wedding was sedate. There was very little drinking, and the drinking that was done you had to pay for. They had a bar at which they served beer and the place charged quite a bit more than the local pub would charge you for a pint. We did not know if this was Edie’s idea or not, but it was obvious that she wanted to discourage a bunch of bad behavior. In fact a lot of the guests were from the office and it seemed obvious that she is focused on her career with the bank. Of course when you are in the banking business and you want to climb the ladder, you can not have things counted against you. She is already pretty high up in the hierarchy and wants to get to the top.