Due to NTRO sex, bribery racket, wordpress blogs are repeatedly hacked.

Google, tata sponsored bengaluru fraud nayanshree hathwar , indore, goan fraudster R&AW/cbi employees do no work, do not spend any money, yet get salaries and great powers
The PNB banking fraud is only the tip of the iceberg in India, the entire government system in India is very flawed with R&AW/cbi hiring Google, tata sponsored indore, goan fraudster R&AW/cbi employees do no work, do not spend any money, yet get salaries and great powers only for falsely claiming to own the websites, paypal, bank account of the google competitor in a major financial fraud since 2010.
When the indore, goan fraudsters veena, riddhi siddhi, sunaina, naina and others like nayanshree hathwar, asmita patel,ruchika are not associated with the google competitor in any way at all in the last 3 years, why are they falsely claiming credit for the work and investment of a private citizen.
Their associates are not helping the google competitor in any way at all, for example webhosting for more than 50% of the wordpress blogs is down and usually ntro should have offered webhosting help after their sex, bribery racket
Instead ntro is most likely the reason for the hosting problems , it is not feasible for the google competitor to install and maintain wordpress blogs when she is being cheated, exploited by ntro, goan and indian government, with ntro hacking her webhosting repeatedly
The google, tata sponsored frauds getting a raw/cbi salary for falsely claiming to be online experts are not doing any work online at all, while the person who is actually doing all the work, is not recognized by the ntro employees who falsely claim that the goan bhandari R&AW employee sunaina chodan who they are having regular sex with, is doing the work online when ntro’s favorite sex worker has never done any work online in her life as proved by her income tax records

Fraud R&AW/cbi/ntro employees cover up their prostitution,bribery racket, banking, paypal, financial fraud with dns problems

In one of the greatest financial frauds, R&AW/cbi are refusing to acknowledge the investment, skils and experience of india’s largest female domain investor since 2010, because some sex, money bribe taking indian intelligence and security agencies have defamed her without any legally valid proof, circulating defamatory videos and photos saying that the person should be respectable
Worldwide all domain investors are aware that R&AW is only employing goan PROSTITUTES goan bhandari sunaina chodan, goan gsb fraud siddhi mandrekar, and other frauds and falsely claiming that these goan sex workers are online experts,domain investors

Domain investors worldwide respect and acknowledge the real domain investor who is spending her hard earned money on domain names, a single woman woman bhandari engineer, google competitor, however the indian and goan government only value SEX workers, document robbers,school droput and other frauds

R&AW/cbi are not respected worldwide because these indian intelligence agencies are extremely brazen in their fraud making fake claims about the resume, investment and skills of their lazy greedy fraud inexperienced employees. For example in a major financial and banking fraud, raw/cbi are falsely claiming that their lazy greedy google, tata sponsored sex worker, cheater housewife and other fraud employees who do not spend any money online, own this and other websites of a private citizen, to pay all these frauds a monthly indian government salary at the expense of the real domain investor.,

Anyone reading the blog, will immediately realize that the person legally owning and controlling the website is not associated with the indian intelligence and security agencies in any way at all, in fact is a victim of their fraud, yet ntro,raw, cbi continue to shamelessly make fake claims for more than 8 years, making a fool of themselves worldwide

When the domain investor installed a word press blog, it was not resolving due to the cover up of their banking fraud.

BSNL has blocked access to website exposing NTRO banking,paypal fraud by Indian citizens

It appears that NTRO employees are abusing their powers to block the website exposing their banking fraud problems.in . Just because the domain investor is not tolerating the ntro sex, bribery racket, and exposing it, the corrupt ntro employees are falsely labelling it as spam annd blocking almost all the websites on google,and also ISPs like BSNL
However the domain investor is a fairly good writer and is not a spammer, and she is getting a lot of page views on Quora, in fact she is getting more page views on Quora than all her websites
Many of those reading her replies are asking for links, and when she is providing details of problems.in, many are replying that they cannot access the website. When the domain investor is using a BSNL connection she is also unable to access the website

Any information about the order to BSNL to block the particular website will be greatly appreciated.

Backdoor in Cpanel for addon domain names

Finding index.php and other files in the webhosting server, when login using FTP and File manager, However when the url is checked in the browser the files are not loading, the default index.php is being displayed.
was facing the problem with one webhosting company, now facing the problem with another webhosting company.
Does anyone know of any backdoor with Cpanel.
For non cpanel webhosting the problem is not faced.

Vietnam tech companies increasing their customer base

A few years ago, hardly any company from Vietnam was providing services online
However in 2018, after the indonesians, the vietnam webhosting companies are the most visible online among asian countries and are far more affordable compared to most indian companies

Even Canon is manufacturing printers in Vietnam and importing to India

This clearly indicates that there is a major problem in the indian tech sector that they charge so much money

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NTRO, R&AW wasting resource, tax payer money to hack websites of indian citizens

Intelligence agencies in most countries like CIA work for the benefit of businesses in their country, however india is extremely unlucky that a huge amount of indian tax payer money is being wasted to pamper google, tata supplied goan sex workers and other frauds , hacking the laptop, webhosting of the indian google competitor repeatedly
Any website which exposes the google, tata sex, identity theft racket is ruthlessly hacked repeatedly by the ntro employees having regular sex with R&AW employees sunaina, siddhi, wasting indian tax payer money in the process
On republic day the google competitor is wasting all her time as the ntro employees honeytrapped by google, tata supplied sex workers are ruthlessly hacking multiple webhosting to waste her time and money.

000webhost decreased free webhosting space

As google is reducing advertising rates and also making it difficult for link sellers to make any money online , the demand for webhosting has greatly reduced worldwide. Webhosting companies are unable to make any money and are reducing the freebies offered to their customer
For example it appears that 000webhost was offering 1500 MB free space to customers who wanted a free webhosting account. Almost all the banners and reviews online, indicate that 1500 MB free space was offered.
However checking the 000webhost website on 20 March 2017, the website is now only offering 1000 MB free webspace to customers indicating that their profit has decreased to a very great extent.

Many webhosting companies are closing down due to google fraud

Google is so ruthless in destroying competitor that many link sellers are going out of business and the webhosting companies are also affected.
When it is much easier to make money with bitcoin, mining, why waste time and money in link selling
Few people are developing websites because they like writing and sharing information, most are interested in making quick money
As google is destroying link sellers, hacking their website, many are exiting the loss making business and diverting into better options
So the vendors for the link selling business like webhosting and domain registrars are closing down as google’s profit increases
One webhosting company was in business for 6 years, in 2018, they shut down because google hacked their website many times

Google, tata sponsored Brahmin cheater R&AW employee nayanshree hathwar’s associates hacked google competitors webhosting

While the shameless Google, tata sponsored Brahmin cheater R&AW employee nayanshree hathwar’s associates are quick to take credit for any work done by the google competitor, they are extremely ruthless in causing losses to the google competitor whose resume, investment and paypal account the shameless brahmin fraud nayanshree hathwar falsely claims to have
They intentionally asked their indonesian associates to hack the webhosting of the google competitor so that she would get error messages from the ad networks and also suffer losses, waste her time and money, trying to restore the hacked websites
The indonesian link sellers are controlling the online link sales business, nayanshree hathwar’s associates are providing content . They asked the webhosting company to intentionally give extremely vague replies and not fix the webhosting problem
The only advantage is that the google competitor has realized that the webhosting company is not very reliable , and cannot be trusted