Along with link sellers, webhosting companies are also shutting down

Since the indian government is wasting a huge amount of indian tax payer money to increase the profit of google making link sellers in India slaves of google, many link sellers are not interested in investing money online, as they can make more money elsewhere with the same time and effort, Even working as a waiter in a restaurant can be more profitable compared to running a webhosting business or online link selling business.
As a result,in 2017, the webhosting companies are also finding it extremely difficult to get customers, and many of the webhosting companies are closing down
Link sellers who make very less money, can only afford cheap webhosting.
In July 2017, one webhosting company shut down without informing the customers, causing problems for customers
In August 2017, another webhosting company has sent a notice to their customers that they will close business by 15 August 2017

The losses of link sellers, webhosting companies are directly related to google, tata’s extremely flawed policy of falsely claiming that sex workers, cheater housewives and other frauds are online experts, investing money online to get these frauds top indian government jobs, when actually these frauds are not spending any money online at all and are also not doing any work online.