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How to Do Money Lending and Being Successful: Asia Edition

This question will explode your concepts in money lending business, do you have any IRAs, 401k, or investment capital that is not netting you 12% predictably and trusted? If you say yes then this article is the best one for you.

The next question is are you aware how does your bank generates money? Well the way they make the money on CD, savings and other investments, which is you, is they loan the money out on a higher rate of interest to people like the money lenders. Is that true, the money lenders? It’s crystal clear true. It’s simple and you, the future money lender, are cutting out the middleman.

Is it safe to do money lending business in Asia today? Absolutely correct, because the Middle East is booming, the South East Asian countries are growing strong, China is looming above the ranks of big business today; don’t forget South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan.
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The money lending system works as simple as this. Money lenders buy and sell houses. These money lenders will fund their investments by asking private individuals to fund them when buying houses. The money lenders pay 12% interest or 20% of the profit to use your money. That’s how simple it is. It’s like you are in a backseat, enjoying. That’s how simple it is.
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What happens then? They will buy properties after locating them and choosing the best ones. To able to purchase the property, the money lenders will buy the property by borrowing funds from you. In return, you get the mortgage of the home and also other documents after a formal closing. The availability of cash allows money lenders to buy at a deeper discount.

This is a summary on how money lending works. The private lender is the main subject. The money lender gives secure documentation of the investment. Properties are purchased. After buying it, they will do the renovation. Properties are then resold. The profit is shared either 12 or 20 percent. Rinsing happens before doing it again. It is very easy. The opportunities here in Asia is immense. There are qualified professionals who can help you in money lender Singapore.

And since you are asking about those payments. How do you get paid?How is payment done then? What is the payment scheme in two different forms are and which one should you choose?

Either you get the quarterly payments of this 12% simple interest or the interest accrues onto house that is sold which you will receive in one payment check of the principal and interest.

Whatever you choose it will be your simple decision. The guarantee is that the twelve simple interest is yours and that’s the least you can make.

So everyone wins.