only webhosting companies threatened, officials do not have courage, honesty to file defamation case

When any negative news exposing the fraud of google,tata , ntro employees involved in identity theft are published, these shameless fraud ntro employees are threatening webhosting companies falsely claiming defamation, however these shamelesss section 420 fraud ntro employees do not have the courage or honesty to contact the domain investor and file a case of defamation as their mediocre lazy fraud relatives and friends will lose their R&AW/CBI jobs , which they have got faking their resume, investment and online work.
This is keeping with the long tradition of fraud and cheating of ntro employees, they defame innocent harmless domain investors, making fake allegations without any proof, and when the domain investor will protest against the slander, these officials will complain that they are being defamed.
When their relatives and friends are not doing any work online and are not investing any money online, and cannot provide any financial proof, why are ntro, google, tata employees complaining of defamation when it is true news of a fraud, just like the vijay mallya and other frauds