After stealing resume,savings, google boycotting content of competitor

Not satisfied with stealing the resume, retirement savings of a harmless google competitor, link seller in India, google is also boycotting all the content of the competitor intentionally and there is almost no visitors from google to any of the websites as google tries to cause financial losses. Google is claiming that google competitor is writing junk which no one is interested in reading, so the websites are not ranked.
So despite having many websites,with thousands of pages of content, most of the websites are getting less than 500 page views a month, because of google’s open prejudice
However only a few of the same answers are posted on other websites like q* , and the google competitor is getting 2500 page views per day , clearly indicating that the google competitor is writing well and relevant information , and google is intentionally discriminating against a competitor and boycotting the content that she has created to cause further financial losses.

This open discrimination by google has forced the domain investor to consider low cost or free webhosting because google has made it impossible to make a profit